Green Tax Shift  +  No Population Growth  +  More Public Transport   +  Cost Effective Defence

About New Australia

We are an independent think tank that promotes cost-effective and environmentally sound policy solutions for Australia.

New Australia Policy Overview

Tax   The Green Tax Shift
  • Cut Payroll Tax (as per Henry Review)
  • $25,000 Tax Free Threshold (as per Henry Review)
  • Paid for by taxes on imports, pollution & waste.
  • Providing a greener economy with more jobs.
Environment   Saving the Biosphere
  • No population growth - for Australia or the World
  • Immediate action on climate, water & biodiversity
  • A Global Climate Tax Treaty to push carbon pricing.
  • Quickly turning around decades of neglect.
Energy   The Energy Revolution
  • A 30% MRET target
  • A 30 cents per kW/h feed in tariff for renewables.
  • More efficient vehicles
  • Made possible by shifting subsidies from fossil to renewable energy.
Transport   Rail not Road
  • More public transport - more freight by rail
  • Replace level crossings with road bridges
  • Federal control of transport
  • Made possible by shifting road funding to sustainable transport.
Defence   Cost Effective Self Defence
  • Self-reliant self-defence
  • Cost-effective fighter planes
  • Submarines not surface vessels
  • Better defence for Australia at a cheaper price.
Traffic   Free National Driver's Licence & Registration
  • Free national third-party insurance scheme
  • A balancing increase in fuel excise
  • Link Learner's permit eligibility to school performance
  • The more you drive, the more you pay.
Housing   First Home Buyer Apartments
  • 50,000 discount apartments for first home buyers per annum
  • Fire and flood resistant housing
  • Made possible by phasing out Negative Gearing for Property Speculators and the First Home Buyers grant.
Jobs   More Employment
  • Cut Payroll Tax
  • Lower Dollar
  • An Employment Bonus
  • For a strong, independent economy.
Health   Streamlined Public Health Services
  • State Control of all health services
  • Removing the buck-passing and blame-shifting between Federal and State governments.
Rural & 
Regional   Supporting Regional Australia
  • No tax on farm income!
  • New crops, new opportunities
  • Active decentralisation
  • Made possible by shifting tax on to pollution & water wastage.
Education   Better Public Education
  • Needs based funding
  • Free kinder
  • State control of education
  • Made possible by having more cost effective self defence.
Crime   Halving Crime
  • A 50 cent cap on poker machines
  • Controlled government sale of drugs to registered users
  • Volumetric taxing of alcohol
  • Slashing the harm done by gambling, alcohol and drugs.
Telecommunications    Telecommunications
  • Cutting back the $43 Billion Broadband roll out - it's too expensive
  • More robust systems to cope with disasters
  • No internet censorship
Ranjini    No life imprisonment without trial!
  • A fair trial for all imprisoned refugees - what are the charges?
  • Reasonable compensation for those found to have been falsely imprisoned

Monorails Australia Web site

Monorails Australia

This linked site is dedicated to promoting high capacity monorails as an urban transit solutions for Australian cities.

Green Hosting

Business Managed Democracy

Business Managed Democracy

An excellent web site by Professor Sharon Beder, University of Wollongong.

Affordable Housing Party

Affordable Housing Party

The World Clock

From See also NewAustralia's Population and Defence Policies.

Green Energy News

Courtesy of Energy Matters


Emissions surge

15th Oct 2014: First home buyers at all-time low of 8.1% . Article.

Emissions surge

3rd Sep 2014: As expected emissions have surged since the carbon tax was abolished and renewable energy is cut back. Article.

Jobless at 10-year high

7th Aug 2014: Coalition policies have increased unemployment. The only State not to lose jobs was SA which is the only one that is not Coalition. Article.

Billion dollar roads

2nd Aug 2014: Bankers and lawyers getting rich pushing billion dollar per kilometre roads like Victoria's East West link. Meanwhile tight secrecy keeps the public finding out what is going on. Article.

White Elephants

27th July 2014: Nation building one white elephant at a time. Article.

Heading backwards

17th Jul 2014: A black day for Australia as COALition + PUP scrap the Carbon Tax. Article.

Reform negative gearing

15th Jul 2014: The Murray enquiry cans negative gearing and capital gains concessions. Article.

Libs cripple ATO

14th Jul 2014: In line with their T-Party anti-tax stance the Libs have slashed 4,700 jobs from the ATO costing $1 billion in revenue. Article.

$15b income, no tax.

27th Jun 2014: Glencore's tax bill on $15b income is zero. Article.

Cleansing a polluted planet

22nd Jun 2014: Planet being poisoned by 140,000 man-made chemicals. Article.

Hottest May ever

18th Jun 2014: May 2014 was world's hottest May in recorded history. Article. Our Solutions.

Budget fail

18th Jun 2014: Budget measures are almost universally opposed by the people who provide health services in Australia. Article. Our Solutions.

Science under Abbott

28th May 2014: Science going back to dark ages. Article.

The power of Big Food

25th May 2014: How Big Food is making us fat. Article. Our Solutions.

Budget for the rich

14th May 2014: The Libs reward their big backers with a budget to bash the poor and sick while fossil fuel subsidies, negative gearing and super tax breaks stay in place. Articles. Our Solutions.

Ice sheet melt unstoppable

13th May 2014: Sea level rise of 3 meters now highly likely. Article. Our Solutions.

Drug pandemic grows

29rd Apr 2014: "We're never going to police our way out of the drug problem in Victoria. In fact, we've really only got a tip of the iceberg and that's all we'll ever have". Article. Our Solutions.

$12 billion dud

23rd Apr 2014: Former defence department analyst and Liberal MP lashes JSF decision. Article. Our Solutions.

UN calls for drastic action

13th Apr 2014: UN calls for drastic action to stop climate change. Article. Our Solutions.

IMF calls for carbon price

12th Apr 2014: Leaders of the IMF, World Bank and UN call on finance minister to use fiscal policy like carbon taxes to combat climate change. Article. Our Solutions.

FTA's sting in the tail

10th Apr 2014: Sharon Beder of Business Managed Democracy on the true purpose of "Free Trade" agreements. Article. Our Solutions.

New IPCC report

23rd Mar 2014: New IPCC report outlines major threats to Australia. Article. Our Solutions.

Private Health Costs

17th Mar 2014: Private health insurance drives up healthcare costs. Article. Our Solutions.

ALP under pressure on Climate

14th Mar 2014: Anti-rational climate deniers rattle Labor Article. Our Solutions.

Libs to slash MRET

17th Feb 2014: The Coalition appoints a climate sceptic to 'review' the MRET. Article. Our Solutions.

First-home buyers squeezed out further

13th Jan 2014: FHB's share of loans falls to record low of 12.3%. Article. Our Solutions.

Abolish PHIR

10th Jan 2014: Abolishing the private health insurance rebate could save the budget $3 billion a year. Article. Our Solutions.

Health rebate a waste?

24th Dec 2013: Little evidence that $5.4 billion health insuraqnce rebate works. Article. Our Solutions.

Australian Disease takes its toll

12th Dec 2013: David Llewellyn-Smith on the imminent death of Australian manufacturing at the hands of the over-valued dollar. Article. Our Solutions.

Home prices drag us down

11th Dec 2013: The high price of homes is hurting Australia's competitiveness. Article. Our Solutions.

Carbon Tax is working!

9th Dec 2013: Where the carbon tax applies it has had a big impact which the government is trying to hide. Article. Our Solutions.

COP19 Fails

24th Nov 2013: The COP19 climate talks in Warsaw limp towards failure with nations still stuck on the blame game. Article. Our Solutions.

Ministry of the misinformed

13th Nov 2013: While the Germans argue about whether the 2020 MRET should be 35 or 40% the Liberals are backing away from any action at all. Article.

TPP trade deal threat

30th Oct 2013: The 'Trans Pacific Partnership' trade deal to make medicine and movies more expensive. Article.

Emissions target inadequate

30th Oct 2013: The Climate Change Authority calls for much higher emissions reduction targets. Article. Our Solutions.

Navy wrong on large ships

29th Oct 2013: Hugh White on why we should be buying submarines instead of building large ships. Article. Our Solutions.

The High Cost of Sugar

24th Oct 2013: Food manufacturers could be facing their tobacco moment as growing consumer awareness on well-being turns towards commodities such as sugar, a global report says. Article. Our Solutions.

Why cut undetectable tax?

21st Oct 2013: Peter Martin ponders curious decision to kill the carbon tax. Article. Our Solutions.

Future subs the next fiasco

19th Oct 2013: Australia's future sub project is set to become our next defence fiasco as the Navy and the Government commit to building a dozen custom-built subs here for a staggering $36 billion. Article. Our Solutions.

Rent shredding dreams

13th Oct 2013: Lament of 'Generation Rent' in Australia. Article. Our Solutions.

Private schooling myth debunked

13th Oct 2013: Private primary schooling shown to provides no advantage. Article. Our Solutions.

New climates predicted

9th Oct 2013: Melbourne has just endured its hottest September on record. Sydney is predicted to set an October temperature record on Thursday. Article. Our Solutions.

JSF and vested interests

3rd Oct 2013: Robert Gottliebsen on the JSF and the end of US supremacy. Article. Our Solutions.

Australia's chronic vulnerability

10th Sep 2013: Soon any TNI vs RAAF conflict would quickly see RAAF defeated. Erik Peacock's Article. Our Solutions.

Abbott wins

7th Sep 2013: Tony abbott wins on the most regressive anti-environment platform in decades.

Warmest year ever

2nd Sep 2013: The warmest year since records began - as Abbott abandons emission's target. Article. Our Solutions.


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